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Keep in mind those games are meant to be played on a PC or laptop!! They might not work entirely from a phone or tablet. Emulated ones should do fine, aside from some lag.

i recommend using a Chromium-based browser! the games should work on Firefox but compatibility is NOT guaranteed, so there might be a few issues. i have not tested Safari at all.

By Series

I added so many games from this specific series that I ended up giving it its own page. Check here!

Sonic the Hedgehog

HTML5 Games

These games are designed to run in your browser natively via HTML itself!

Bejeweled 3Life in the StaticCut the RopeAngry BirdsBad PiggiesWorld's Hardest Game

Flash Games (via Ruffle)

These games were built to run in your browser thru Flash, a plugin that modern browsers don't support. But thanks to the open-source Flash emulator Ruffle, you can play them in your browser flawlessly, just as if Flash was still a thing!

Bejeweled 1Bejeweled TwistWorld's Hardest GamePapa's PizzeriaBig Money!Elephant RaveElephant Rave 2

Emulated Games

These games were originally built for a different platform (probably a game console), but thanks to emulation you can now run them in-browser! Powered by EmulatorJS.

Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation 1Klonoa: Door to Phantomile for the PlayStation 1Klonoa: Empire of Dreams for the Game Boy AdvanceKirby and the Amazing Mirror for the Game Boy Advance

Just flash

These games cannot be played on most modern browsers. You will need to use a Flash-supported browser, and have a non-timebombed version of Flash installed. Which can be pretty unsafe.


Music: Moonlight Mansion from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.
Something funny, Bing Chat (now Microsoft Copilot) used to have a lot of misconceptions about this page. It said I have a platformer game named Shabble's Adventure! Someday I will make it a reality.