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Finally updated, on a new host, still stupid!

Now we goin forwards • HEY PEOPLES IT WAS ABOUT TIME • It's TWITTER. Not X!! • Breaking: You are ALL cutie pa tooties • GIVE SPECKY LOVE PLS HE'S THE BEST • I may or may not simp for femboys • I don't know when the next update will be! • Life update: Get a life bitch • I'm finally free • If you saw Shabble get redesigned, no you didn't. • Anyone actually read this all the way???? I still don't know • Follow me on socials! • Anyways time to go backwards
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Free Palestine!

If you could click on this button, and then click on the one in the page it takes you to, it would help a ton. This gives ad revenue that they use to donate to Palestine. You can click once every 24 hours. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.
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As of this writing, it is May 12th 2024, the 19th anniversary of the release of the game Chuzzle. So, the featured content for now is just, Chuzzle. Play it. Good game. It is available as a download in my PopCap pack but you should buy it on Steam, or on using code CHUZZWOW.
I have a timed Flash version in the games section but you need actual Flash, not Ruffle. Which means an old browser.