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Now we goin forwards • bejeweled 3 is goated • derpy is still best pony • Who made this stupid, pointless site? • Breaking: I am NO cutie patootie. • When I was about 13 I LOVED angry birds... • Life update: No-lifer gang rise up!!! • watch kerwhizz the quiz with added whizz • GODDAMN POWER GEM BLEW UP MY COMPUTER • play Peggle rn • follow me on socials! • i need iptv • metamaskbro stinks • Anyways time to go backwards
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kerwhizz is love kerwhizz is life

Free Palestine!

If you could click on this button, and then click on the one in the page it takes you to, it would help a ton. This gives ad revenue that they use to donate to Palestine. You can click once every 24 hours. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.
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Silly video I made for Specky. Aimed at a specific friendgroup.


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