Who tf is Shabble?

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That's irrelevant. But if you insist...

Hi! I'm Shabble, and I like stuff. I'm 18 years old and from Costa Rica.
Shabble Mint, my pony OC, holding a Sonic plushie! Art by MilliLPS.

I'm kind of a dork lmao. Anyways here comes my huge ass description.

I'm nonbinary, pansexual, demisexual and polyamorous. I go by any pronouns! I'm also level 1 autistic.
Oh! I also kinda draw??? I'm still learning, but mostly can only draw ponies right now, using bases, long as they're not too complex. Examples in the art page.
You're always free to contact me! Best places to reach me currently are through email (me@shabble.fun), Discord (shabble.pony) or Twitter (@ShabblePony).
I have four hooves????


My Little Pony G4: I joined the fandom very late (in 2020) but I really enjoy it! I have watched about halfway through the show. Derpy and Pinkie are best pones! (I've also delved a little into G5)
PopCap Games: Currently one of my big special interests, and what I'm most known for on Twitter. I know way too much about this game company and have played at least a bit of pretty much ALL their releases. So for anything PopCap just come to me. I also have a collection of every single PopCap PC game, look at my Twitter pinned.
Sonic the Hedgehog: I've been a fan since 2018! I might've not gotten to grow with Sonic... but I still love Sonic a lot. My fav game is Unleashed!
Klonoa: I've loved Klonoa since early 2020. I started @PicOfKlonoa on Twitter (now it's run by an asshole that used to be my friend) and was SO excited when Phantasy Reverie Series came out!!! Oh, by the way, one of the games in my site is the original Klonoa!
Certain mobile games: Specifically referring to some of the classic stuff such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Jetpack Joyride.
As for other stuff I like? Burnout, Crash Bandicoot, The Stanley Parable, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Hazbin Hotel are some.
Oh and I also like Bejeweled, and other PopCap games. The nostalgia is strong with them. There are a few fanmade PopCap projects I'm trying to contribute to, as well!

Here's a stupid FAQ on me.

faq (fairly annoying questions)

Who are you?

Read the above.

No, like, aside from the stuff you like, who are you?

The only way of learning who I am is by actually interacting with me!

Do you like choccy milk?

I am an avid fan of choccy milk

What's the point of this site?

I'm not entirely sure. One day I randomly thought "damn, I wanna learn HTML" and then this site popped into existence. They ended up teaching me basic HTML at school but I already knew a bunch by then lol

Have you worked on any websites besides this one?

This is my personal corner, but I'm happy to help my friends build their own websites if they're interested in doing so! I had input in a few sites that are gone now, but I might help Specky make one soon.

Hey, does anyone ask these questions?

Only myself.

I'm getting a few ads on some sections of the site (like the emulated games). Are you making money off of them?

i am NOT getting paid for any ads in here, and I don't like them there either. I am currently not planning on including actual ads added by me cause they're annoying, and wouldn't make much money anyways. I recommend using uBlock Origin or the AdGuard Public DNS (method 2)
However as far as I know the ads in there aren't very obtrusive.

What about the games? I can't play them!

What device are you on? What browser and OS? Some known issues are Bejeweled crashing when you lose if you're using Opera (at least for me) and Cut the Rope not loading everything correctly unless you refresh the page. If it's not either of those, please hit me up.

What kinda games are you gonna put there, if you plan to add more?

Anything cool I can find! Emulated games! Flash/Ruffle games! HTML5 games! Hell, even Scratch games????
Anything I think is cool, could have a place here! Feel free to send me submissions too.

What other questions should I put here?

hell if i know.

Wait, this bejeweled game is just another candy crush clo-


You link to a few downloadable things on this site, like Bejeweled, uBlock... are you a sellout or something?

No, I am not being sponsored and not getting any money from this site. Any program or game I link to on here is something i personally use. And i'm still broke af. Btw, check out the POSTAL series, byRunning with Scissors.
Plus, who'd wanna sponsor such a crappy weird site?

Shabble is so cute!!! Can I draw her???

Sure!! You can hit me up to discuss it. Maybe I'll even pay you out of my tiny amount of money.
You can get the Shabble reference sheet here.

Who's Chux?

I'M Chux!! "derpchux", "Chux502" or "Classic Chux" are some of the names I used to go by. Feel free to call me Chux if you wanna! Some people still call me that.
Chux is also the name of my old "derpysona", Derpy with a red hair bow (and sometimes a scarf). She was the pony that I used to represent myself online until I switched to Shabble. You might still see her around every now and then.

I have a question for you. and it's not one of those dumb questions.

Just ask.

Music is Velkommen by Stan LePard (rest in peace legend), AKA the Windows XP setup music. Yes, Windows XP had music on the setup.