Dunno why you'd need it, considering most people who come here already talk to me since before, but sure.
head back?

Me struggling to carry all the boxes of fanmail that I do NOT receive


Most people in here will know me from some social media. But here's some of them if it helps.

Discord: @shabble.pony - Use it daily. Check DMs and friend requests all the time. Best place to reach me directly
Twitter (aka X): @ShabblePony - I use it a lot, daily, but might not get notified, especially for DMs. I have two other accounts
Instagram: - Don't really check it that often, mostly just use it to post my drawings. Only use if Twitter/Discord not possible
Bluesky: - Don't use it that often, just another Twitter
Mastodon: @MintPonyShabble - Same as Bluesky


Need something more professional, or just prefer email?
You can reach me at ! XMPP coming soon.
Click on the icon below to email me!

Music: DRAX - No Expectations. A nice little tracker song from 2001 I found on a Breakout clone game.