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05-19-2024, 6:54 PM - I saw that earlier you didn't want to save the eggs. Are you... A bad piggie???

i mean... I think eggs are tasty... and I am green... does that make me a bad piggy?

05-19-2024, 5:35 PM - What do you think of Kirby? Just asking.

that's the name you should know! kirby is my favorite nintendo franchise :)
amazing mirror is on the games section of my site btw

05-19-2024, 5:30 PM - opinion on "PopCap Ultimate Collection" (PC, Ps5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch) (2026)

peak gaming, no other piece of videogame software can ever top PopCap Ultimate Collection (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch) (2026)
now if only it was a real thing...

05-19-2024, 5:22 PM - why do you like muffins | why does bejeweler only play bejeweled and nothing else | why does aidrum have a geometry dash pfp ir he barely talks about it | why does the awesome blue not shut up about a skyler or something

because they're so delicious and i love them | because bejeweled is GOATed but i think he should play peggle | because aidrum is actually the mushroom icon irl. that's a selfie | because skylar is pretty cool

05-19-2024, 4:39 PM - what is your favorite waffle

idk i've only actually eaten waffles like once

05-19-2024, 2:52 PM - how do u feel about orange ponies

love them! i know a really adorable one named Nockus

05-19-2024, 11:08 AM - August 12th 2036: Heat Death of the Universe

i'll set a reminder

05-19-2024, 10:07 AM - Do you like waffles

yea we like waffles! in fact i like them so much that this is the second time someone asks this

05-19-2024, 9:03 AM - lex or bjorn who would win in a fight

lex. he would spell some long ass word and destroy bjorn. tf is bjorn gonna do, shoot balls at him?

05-19-2024, 2:35 AM - h


05-18-2024, 9:13 PM - I wanna be your friend but I don't know where to start!! You seem really cool =)

thank you kind stranger, glad you think of me that way! ^^
i'd like to be friends as well! feel free to message me or add me on discord, my dms are always open

05-18-2024, 7:54 PM - are you a fish?


05-09-2024, 5:54 AM - Noodle, Noodle, apple strudel~ *secretly eats ur muffin*

some people don't and some people d- HEY THAT'S MY MUFFIN :(

04-29-2024, 2:16 PM - help me save the eggs from the bad piggies


04-29-2024, 12:16 PM - Meow?


04-26-2024, 7:12 AM - Do you fw flappy golf or flappy golf 2?

wtf is flappy golf

04-26-2024, 7:01 AM - Do you like waffles

yea we like waffles

04-26-2024, 4:23 AM - Do you fw angry birds starwars 2?

tbh i never really played the second one, i remember playing the first one as a kid tho and it was cool

04-25-2024, 7:59 PM - Chuzzle Giant Furball Edition what is your favorite game (that is not popcap related)

chuzzle 2!!!! that's technically not popcap!!
nah jokes aside I'm not entirely sure, but I think it'd be Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil



04-25-2024, 5:21 PM - why do they call you shabby wabby instead of bejeweled blitz live

they should call me Chuzzle Giant Furball Edition

04-25-2024, 3:29 AM - Welcome to big money!

*funky music starts playing*

04-25-2024, 1:14 AM - Metroid Prime, a 2002 video game designed and developed by Retro Studios (located in texas) for the Nintendo GameCube entertainment system was quite the pioneer of its time with beautiful graphics and surprisingly satisfying controls, accompanied by catchy music and fun enemy AI. The game takes place after Metroid 1 or Metroid Zero Mission after Samus Aran, legendary bounty hunter, finds a derelict space vessel orbiting the planet Tallon IV, sending distress signals. Upon further investigation, Samus discovers that the Frigate was actually for the space pirates that were testing a radioactive energetic substance named "Phazon". In one of the tests they accidentally unleashed a monster that destroyed the frigate and sent it to crash in Tallon. The rest of the game sees Samus explore the planet in a quest to stop the Space Pirates from further use of this hazardous material, and to discover what truly happened with this ruined planet.


04-24-2024, 9:00 PM - whats your favorite restaurant

jokes aside i could really eat almost anywhere. i like a lot of different foods ^^ but if i have to pick one i think maybe little caesars??

04-24-2024, 6:31 PM - It is I. What you know as "The Voice". I have come to ask you one singular thing. What is your favourite Bejeweled game?

holy shit it's The Voice, can i get your autograph???
I'd say my favorite is probably Bejeweled Twist

04-24-2024, 1:37 PM - go watch kerwhizz the quiz with added whizz. it's peak

sup Bejewelian
if you explain to me what it's about I'll consider watching it

04-24-2024, 9:19 AM - why neocities? they make you pay to have a custom domain that you already bought

It's easy to use, relatively cheaper compared to other hosts I've seen, and also I realized you can just pay for supporter once, add a custom domain to your website, and then cancel the sub and the domain will stay even after the sub runs out.
That being said, after the update I mentioned below is done, I do plan on moving the whole thing from Neocities over to Nekoweb. It's cheaper and I think it's a better value IMO

04-24-2024, 9:19 AM - maybe add a warning for music and stuff cus going on this site plays music at very high volume without warning

Well, it's not exactly a warning, but, I haven't updated the site in a long time because I'm working on a big update to it, and part of that is, I'll add a button at the top of every page that has music on it, that toggles it on or off. Would that help?

06-21-2023, 12:51 AM - Heey, ish me Fluff! am bored so I go everywhere and ask the fillies for an idea for an article on my site. Maybe you have an idea? ^^

maybe you should write an article on cute ponies

06-19-2023, 5:55 AM - WHAT DOES THE MINT SAY-?


06-01-2023, 9:17 PM - I love you

awwwww, i love you too, whoever you are :)

05-30-2023, 1:14 PM - You're the best

no, you are <3

04-17-2023, 3:03 PM - is this page inspired by bill wurtz


03-16-2023, YE:ET AM - Is it Yeet o' clock? -Envi-Kevin

It is ALWAYS yeet o' clock.

02-21-2023, 9:00 AM - Hey Shabble, have you ever gotten beaten up? -Anonymise

You are hereby invited to beat the shit out of me, "Anonymise". :)
For the top Shabble haters out there, a "fuck Shabble" website is coming soon.

02-09-2023, 1:25 AM - Are you gay?

i'm around 80% gay i think

02-03-2023, 2:34 AM - How many times you died while exploring on Inkwell Isles, Mugshabs? -Cupshine

At least around a trillion times

02-01-2023, 1:06 PM - What do you like most about Minecraft

it is a pretty crafty game i would say

01-30-2023, 3:08 AM - Ehm. Hello! I just wanna say, how I pass with you as old brother ever? No idea. Wish to be always *cries* :') My website is even more dead ~Twilymemes

Not entirely sure what you mean with this question, but uh, hey, Twi. I'll always be here for you. You're my brother. You will always be. I love you so much, you can't even imagine. Hope you can feel better soon.
Also, congrats. You're the first asker of 2023.

12-27-2022, 9:03 AM - What's your fastest time on Soup 1?

So far, it's 1 minute, 45 seconds. I'm not exactly the best at speedrunning it, but I'll keep trying it! ^^
(For y'all who don't know, they are referring to the webgame Soup)

12-19-2022, 3:45 PM - Do you have The Master Yeet?

I have quite mastered the art of YEETing. But there is someone superior than me.

12-17-2022, 4:00 AM - Whats your most favourite holiday

The end of school...
Nah, probably Christmas. I love the Christmas dinners and all the presents and stuff, and I'm not even a Christian :P

12-16-2022, 4:52 AM - have you've heard of the cabbit?

Yes, I have heard of le klon.

12-16-2022, 3:36 AM - if the one is the one then can i do it?

Only if the one is one on one.