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This is where I'll put both all the art I've made, and all the art I've received!
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Get the Shabble reference sheet by Raven!

My drawings:

I've been trying to get into digital art lately. I haven't drawn anything but ponies. I still can't draw digitally without using a base, so all these drawings use bases. Whether you want to consider it my art or not is up to you. Also almost all the drawings are square because that's the default aspect ratio in ibisPaint, plus I post these on Instagram which does best with square pictures.

A drawing I made of Shabble in a GIR hoodie from Invader Zim (which I've never watched), doing the Caramelldansen dance thingy, on the Windows Vista background. It's inspired by Vylet Pony's popular Antonymph music video, which depicts Fluttershy in a similar hoodie doing the dance, and as you already might know I love Vylet Pony and I love the song (it even plays on the homepage of this site, as a nightcore). So I figured I'd make a drawing of Shabble based on it... then I realized I'm not good at drawing GIR hoodies. Seems like it inspired two pieces of fanart though!
Base credit: iconbluerainipony

This is one of my earlier digital drawings and I don't think it's that good- also it's the only batpony drawing I've made so far. This is a drawing I made for my friend SkyeFlite, the OC belongs to her. She's a bitch :3 she seemed to really like the drawing though!
I don't know who made the base but I got it here.

A series of drawings I've made for my adorable yellow pony Specky, featuring my and his OCs together, doing things like hugging, cuddling, or eating ice cream. I keep making drawings of us because I love giving gifts to people I really really love and he's the one I love most. He always seems to love them :3. For the fourth one I decided I wanted to try the MLP Tell your Tale art style so I picked a Tell your Tale base. I concluded I don't like it- and the last one was made for my YouTube thumbnails.
Base credits: StarChaseSketches, MarlenBloot, renhorse, GrapefruitFaceBases, BootiQueenx/Hickepop, DIamondLBases

Two more drawings I made for Specky. The first one shows Specky on a PC doing something (is he animating? is he gaming? is he tweeting?) and the second one shows him in a banana costume (I called him the "banana pony" one time because he's yellow, and it kinda stuck, now everyone calls him that).
Base credits: SyrikatSyriskater, unknown

I drew these for another of my lovers, Lilla. Then when I had already uploaded it everywhere I realized I forgot to make the ears darker gray too in the first and second one. Whoops-
And yeah the third one is basically a recolor of a Specky one from earlier. I was pretty lazy during the time I made that drawing and kinda hate that I did that cuz it's less unique...
Base credits: StarChaseSketches, Nocturnal-Moonlight, MarlenBloot

A series of drawings I made for some of my lovers using the same base, depicting my OC hugging theirs. Respectively, that's Specky, Shine, and Ryder. As you can see I made two of them for Shine, one based on Cuphead and one based on The Amazing Digital Circus, two pieces of media she really really liked at the time. If I made one for her now it'd probably be based on Wonka.
Base credit: MLPBlueRay

I drew Shabble eating a watermelon in support of Palestine. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. Please remember your daily clicks.
Base credit: NoiKincade67

Before I started doing digital drawings, I made a bunch of pony drawings on paper (traditional) back a few years ago. Five of them are available online (I lost most of them). You can find them in my old abandoned DeviantArt page. Click on the image above to go there.


Yeah, the text above changes color when you hover it lol, I didn't even do that on purpose
Anyway, I'll put the art people have drawn or made for me in here! I like calling it "gifts" over "fanart" because, I mean, these are my friends, not my "fans", but most people refer to it as fanart.
Don't worry, there is no AI here.

Drawings by Ravy

I think my best friend Raven, aka Ravy, is the person who has drawn Shabble the most! Both from me commissioning her and just her drawing for me randomly. So here's all her drawings first.

Wait, I have four hooves?? I've been a horse all along?? I thought I was a fish!

Somepony order a Shabble in a cup? This was a YCH I bought from her.

This was actually the first time ever someone drew Shabble! It was part of a group drawing with multiple ponies. Raven hates this drawing nowadays lol. It does have a few slight differences with the current Shabble design.

In our friend group, we often make jokes towards each other relating to the colors of our OCs. So I get all the jokes about the color green. One time we were making some joke about Shabble only eating green things. This led to me making a silly picture of Shabble with green McDonald's fries, and then Raven decided to draw this. No I don't know what green fries taste like.

Shabble rolling-on-the-floor-laughing. This was part of a little comic Raven made.

Two drawings Raven made for me and Lilla. Cute!

Raven's favorite drawing that she's ever made for me, and the source of the artwork in the homepage.

Because of the name Shabble looking like Shampoo mixed with Bubble, Raven's headcanon is that Shabble's parents are named Shampoo and Bubble, and have fitting cutiemarks. She tested a different artstyle to draw this. The green bubble thing is a reference to the fact that Shabble's cutiemark used to be green bubbles, until I changed it into a muffin.

A little doodle of Shabble on paper! She's wearing a hair bow!

Shabble drawn in a more "realistic" artstyle!

Shabble with a scarf and a little bow! Raven also hates this drawing.

A drawing Raven made for me and Specky. I love it :3

Christmas drawing! Featuring Ryder and Dari.

Another Christmas drawing of Shabble, that I used as profile pic for a while! Unfortunately I no longer have a high quality version.

Christmas Shabble with a gift for someone! I believe this is part of a drawing she never finished.

A zoom-in of Shabble's face. Meant to be used as profile pic.

A drawing of Shabble blushing! One of the oldest Shabble drawings, it was made by Raven for my birthday in 2022.

Other people's drawings

Raven isn't the only one who's made drawings for me lol

Little comic by ChaosAngel (warning, they do NSFW as well), commissioned by my buddy Fleeming, depicting a real issue between me and them. He keeps calling me nicknames! >:( so I trapped him.

A nice drawing of Shabble by destdashy!!

A Shabble by Elly, a buddy of mine and Raven's. Unfortunately we don't have a high quality version of this anymore.

A Shabble head "logo" by Desty!

I bought a Tails plushie from Heartly, an artist from my country I've been following and supporting for a while, and she sent in a card with this drawing on it as a surprise!! It's Shabble wearing the GIR hoodie. I love it!!!

Shabble eating what almost looks like Oreo cake. This was part of a bigger drawing but it has someone problematic in it so I cropped it. Drawing by Kimmy, you can see the drawing on her account!

Another GIR Shabble! Drawn by the so-very silly and PIKACHU YELLOW Lury Sun, it also features their own OC, wearing a similar but Pikachu-themed hoodie instead. She doesn't seem very happy about having to wear it.

A drawing of Shabble partying by my friend Candy Bits. Used to be wider but I don't have the uncropped version anymore. This picture used to be in the homepage back when I first started using Shabble on it.

Made by MilliLPS in 2022, and still used in the About page, it's Shabble holding a Sonic doll! Milli oh-so-kindly approached me asking if she could draw my OC because she's cute. This is one of the oldest drawings of Shabble.

Shabble peacefully sleeping on a cloud. This one was also made by Lury, a long time ago.

Technically not a drawing... but here's an SFM render of Sonic and I, standing next to each other, in the Station Square train station from Sonic Adventure. A gift from Specky. Thanks love :)

A few drawings made in late 2022 by Starlight Glitter, featuring her then-OC and mine. We were besties then. Haven't seen her for a long time though...

Another work by ChaosAngel, also commissioned by Fleeming. It's Shabble with her Nintendo Switch!

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