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Times are in Costa Rica's time.

06-21-2023, 12:51 AM - Heey, ish me Fluff! am bored so I go everywhere and ask the fillies for an idea for an article on my site. Maybe you have an idea? ^^

maybe you should write an article on cute ponies

06-19-2023, 5:55 AM - WHAT DOES THE MINT SAY-?


06-01-2023, 9:17 PM - I love you

awwwww, i love you too, whoever you are :)

05-30-2023, 1:14 PM - You're the best

no, you are <3

04-17-2023, 3:03 PM - is this page inspired by bill wurtz


03-16-2023, YE:ET AM - Is it Yeet o' clock? -Envi-Kevin

It is ALWAYS yeet o' clock.

02-21-2023, 9:00 AM - Hey Shabble, have you ever gotten beaten up? -Anonymise

You are hereby invited to beat the shit out of me, "Anonymise". :)
For the top Shabble haters out there, a "fuck Shabble" website is coming soon.

02-09-2023, 1:25 AM - Are you gay?

i'm around 80% gay i think

02-03-2023, 2:34 AM - How many times you died while exploring on Inkwell Isles, Mugshabs? -Cupshine

At least around a trillion times I would say

02-01-2023, 1:06 PM - What do you like most about Minecraft

it is a pretty crafty game i would say

01-30-2023, 3:08 AM - Ehm. Hello! I just wanna say, how I pass with you as old brother ever? No idea. Wish to be always *cries* :') My website is even more dead ~Twilymemes

Not entirely sure what you mean with this question, but uh, hey, Twi. I'll always be here for you. You're my brother. You will always be. I love you so much, you can't even imagine. Hope you can feel better soon.
Also, congrats. You're the first asker of 2023.

12-27-2022, 9:03 AM - What's your fastest time on Soup 1?

So far, it's 1 minute, 45 seconds. I'm not exactly the best at speedrunning it, but I'll keep trying it! ^^
(For y'all who don't know, they are referring to the webgame Soup)

12-19-2022, 3:45 PM - Do you have The Master Yeet?

I have quite mastered the art of YEETing. But there is someone superior than me.

12-17-2022, 4:00 AM - Whats your most favourite holiday

The end of school...
Nah, probably Christmas. I love the Christmas dinners and all the presents and stuff, and I'm not even a Christian :P

12-16-2022, 4:52 AM - have you've heard of the cabbit?

Yes, I have heard of le klon.

12-16-2022, 3:36 AM - if the one is the one then can i do it?

Only if the one is one on one.